How are these lines formed?
This is a question we get asked frequently. Your carpet actually works as a filter just like your HVAC filter. Overtime when the heat and air travels through the spaces between the walls and floors very small particles come along with it and they lay against the baseboards.
- Candles and Cigarettes burning can causes soot which could lead to these lines.
- Using the vacuum extension to dust around the walls can help prolong the lines.
- Replacing your air filter regularly can definitely help. Dirty air vents can also be a reason for these filtration lines to form.

Are these lines mold?
Filtration Lines are not caused by water or are these lines Mold. These lines are formed by microscopic particles in the air that settle underneath the baseboard which causes these lines.

Are Filtration Lines Easy To Remove?
Filtration lines are not as easy to get out as it may seem. 
Filtration lines are built up from soil, dirt, dust and oil that can cause a bond with the fibers where they will not come out all the way.  
Even after cleaning, the filtration lines can come back. A guaranteed time frame of when they come back is not known. 

If you have any additional questions.Please feel free to reach out.

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